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Back to School Campaign 

In my role as a marketing and motion designer at Karma, I had the opportunity to design and create motion graphics for the social media assets in the "Back to School" campaign, which targeted college students. My goal was to craft fun and engaging designs and animations that would capture the attention of Karma's audience.

What did I do?

  • Design all social media assets.

  • Motion design.

The Blog
by Karma

Karma: Your next-gen shopping assistant app, also offering a blog covering fashion, money-saving tips, and more on desktop and mobile. I designed the blog comprehensively, covering both mobile and desktop platforms from start to finish.

What did I do?

  • Branding and logo design.

  • Layout design for the website, from the initial development stages to the final design stages.

logo svg-01.png
logo svg-02.png

Social Media 

As a designer at Karma, I was given the opportunity to work on motion design projects for LinkedIn and Instagram.

I strove to create visually appealing and engaging designs that would enhance Karma's social media presence.

Rebranding Campaign 

As part of my role as a marketing and motion designer at Karma, I had the opportunity to contribute to the rebranding campaign of Karma's app by designing landing pages and acquisition ads. The landing pages were inspired by Karma's commercial, which is a tribute to crime shows.The project was done as part of my work as a marketing and motion designer at Karma. Art director - Karin Gross.

Landing page - Karma features


Details from landing page- Karma features- explanatory animation 


Landing page - Karma features


Newsletter Design 

To better communicate the Karma product to customers, I created consistent and clear email language by redesigning the overall format into a uniform grid. It helped convey Karma's message in a more effective and efficient manner, ensuring that  customers fully understand the benefits of using Karma.

Employer branding 

I worked on designing the company's employer brand for various events and also concentrated on improving the office environment. This involved creating a consistent and motivating design language that aligned with the company's brand identity. I paid attention to details like office signage, wall graphics, and branded merchandise to ensure that each touchpoint resonated with employees, fostering a sense of belonging and pride.

Purim party

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A gift card

Company values

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